A Press Release From The Joural Of Applied Research (http://www.jrnlappliedresearch.com)

Announcing the The Journal of Applied Research in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics

Nov 29, 2000

Newtown, Pa. - Veterinary Solutions LLC announced today the launch of The Journal of
Applied Research in Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics. "The mission,"
according to Jim Jenkins, Publisher, "is to disseminate in a timely manner
fundamental scientific, diagnostic, and treatment knowledge gained from
prospective and retrospective research." Senerth goes on to add "the sole
criterion for publication is scientific accuracy."
Therapeutic Solutions, located in Newtown, Pa., was founded this year with
the a primary objective to provide accurate, timely, cost efficient alternatives in medical publishing and customized medical communications.
We at Therapeutic Solutions have recognized the need for enhancing the means
of disseminating research findings to the general medical community. There
are typically long delays or lag time between the completion of an article
and it's subsequent publication. To address this, The Journal of Applied
Research makes its debut with a commitment to rapid review and publication.
We look forward to serving both the research community and the general
practitioner who wants access to the most current and reliable research.
For more information, please call, write or visit us on the web -

The Journal of Applied Research
PO Box 463
Newtown, Pa 18940