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Volume 8, Number 3

The Journal of Applied Research

Table of Contents

178 The New Year and Beyond
Ken Senerth

179 The Effect of an Aerobic Dance and Diet Program on Cardiovascular Fitness, Body Composition, and Weight Loss in Women
Jerrold Petrofsky PhD JD, Jennifer Batt BS, Lee Berk DrPH, Kelly Collins BS, Tien-Ning Yang BS, Marshall LeMoine, BA, Gurinder Bains MD, Shashi Gunda MPT, Chinna Raju MSPT, Dhanaraj Vanarasa BPT, Yumi Kim MPT, Cristina Beard, Katrina Broussard BA, Jason Christensen BS, Courtney Ellstrom, Ingrid George AS, Michael Holland BS, Pratima Vallabhaneni BPT, Jackie Brown BS

189 Pulsed Short Wave Effect in Pain and Function in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis
Thiago Yukio Fukuda, M.Ph.T, Vanessa Ovanessian, Ph.T, São Paulo, Brazil; Ronaldo Alves da Cunha, Ph, Ziqui Jacob Filho, Ph.T, Cláudio Cazarini Júnior, Ph.T, Fabio Albanez Rienzo, Ph.T, Aline Almeida Centini, Ph.T

199 A Pilot Multi-Center Examination of Near Infra Red Spectroscopy (NIRS) in the evaluation of Hemoglobin (Hb) Levels in Trauma Patients Receiving Blood Transfusions

208 Effects of Flaxseed Lignan on In Vitro Mitogen-Stimulated T cell Proliferation
Yeong Rhee, Ph.D., Ardith Brunt, Ph.D.

216 The Effects of Peanut Oil on Lipid Profile of Normolipidemic Adults: A Threecountry Collaborative Study.
Regiane L. SALES, Sandra B. COELHO, Neuza M. B. COSTA, Josefina BRESSAN,
Swaminathan IYER, Linda A BOATENG, Phoebe LOKKO, Richard D. MATTES.

226 Open Experience with a New Myorelaxant Agent for Low Back Pain
S. Sartini, A. Ferrini, L. Guerra

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