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Volume 5, Number 4

The Journal of Applied Research

Table of Contents

508 Editorial: a-Lipoic Acid and Combination PPAR a/g-Agonism
Peter P. Toth, MD, PhD, Editor-in-Chief

510 a-Lipoic Acid is a Weak Dual PPARa/g Agonist: An Ester Derivative with Increased PPARa/g Efficacy and Antioxidant Activity
Harrihar A. Pershadsingh, MD, PhD, Christopher I. Ho, Jaya Rajaman, Candy Lee, PhD, Amar G. Chittiboyina, PhD, Renu Deshpande, MD, Theodore W. Kurtz, MD, Jefferson Y. Chan, MD, PhD, Mitchell A. Avery, PhD, Stephen C. Benson, PhD

524 Positive Correlation of Serum Leptin with Blood Lymphocytes in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients

534 Effects of Long-Acting Methylphenidate on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Among Patients with Acquired Brain Injury
David T. Burke, MD, MA, Sang Ryong Lee, MD, Richard Goldstein, PhD, Jessica Schutzbank, MD, Heechin Chae, MD

543 Intracellular Activity of Voriconazole, Fluconazole, and Itraconazole Against Candida albicans in Human Monocytes With and Without Activation by GM-CSF and TNF-a
Aldona L. Baltch, MD, Raymond P. Smith, MD, William J. Ritz, MS, Lawrence H. Bopp, PHD, Phyllis B. Michelsen, ScD

553 A Bidirectional Resistance Device for Increasing the Strength and Tone in Upper Body Core Muscles and Chest Girth
Jerrold Petrofsky, PhD, Michael Laymon, DPTSc, Maria Cuneo, MPT, Jennifer Hill, BS, Amy Morris, BS, Russell Dial, MPT, Ashley K. Pawley

569 Effect of Atorvastatin to RANKL/OPG System in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

575 Developmental Toxicity of Aluminum from High Doses of AlCl3 in Mice
Abbasali Karimpour Malekshah, PhD, Zhila Torabizadeh, MD, Farshad Naghshwar MD

580 Integrity of the Lactotroph Axis and Antithyroid Antibodies in Patients with Hypopituitarism
Carolina Garcia Soares Leães, Caroline K. Kramer, Cristina Micheletto Dallago, MD, Miriam daCosta Oliveira, PhD

585 Reduction of Fatality Events in a Cohort of Drug Addicts in the Metropolitan Area of Bologna, Italy
Sergio Sabbatani, MD, Daniele Agostini, MD, Roberto Manfredi, MD, Francesco Chiodo, MD

598 Bioequivalence Evaluation of Two Tablet Formulations of Carbocysteine in Healthy Chinese Men
Hui-chang Bi, Guo-ping Zhong, Min Huang, PhD, Shufeng Zhou, PhD, Li-hui Huang, Gui-xiong Zeng, Xiao-xing Liao, PhD, Xiao Chen, PhD, Ying Pang

605 Circulating Serotonin, Catecholamines, and Central Nervous System Circuitry Related to Some Cardiorespiratory, Vascular, and Hematological Disorders
Fuad Lechin, MD, PhD, Bertha van der Dijs, MD, Alex E. Lechin, MD

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