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Volume 4, Number 3

The Journal of Applied Research

Table of Contents

380 Age as a Predictor of Functional Outcome in Anoxic Brain Injury
Mrugeshkumar K. Shah, MD, MPH, MS, Samir Al-Adawi, PhD,
David T. Burke, MD, MA

385 In Vitro Antagonism with the Combination of Vancomycin and
Clindamycin Against Staphylococcus aureus

Brent M. Booker, PharmD, Lucas Stahl, Patrick F. Smith, PharmD

396 Importance of Thiazolidinedione Use in Achieving and
Maintaining HbA1c Goal in Type 2 Diabetes

410 Improvement of Blood Oxygen Diffusion Capacity and Anginal
Symptoms by Cholesterol Lowering with Simvastatin

Hector J. Menchaca, MD, Van N. Michalek, Thomas D. Rohde, MS,
Alan T. Hirsch, MD, Naip Tuna, MD, Henry Buchwald, MD, PhD

419 Tetrathiomolybdate Protects Against Liver Injury from
Acetaminophen in Mice

Shaochun Ma, MD, PhD, Guoqing Hou, MD, PhD, Robert Dick, MS,
George J. Brewer, MD

427 Cardiac Function in Rats Exposed to Chronic Alcohol and Nutritional Deficiency Involving Selenium and Vitamin E
Charles Y. Lui, MD, MSc, Zhanjun Guan, MD, PhD, Cleamond D. Eskelson, PhD

439 Current Management of Type 2 Diabetes: Why Thiazolidinediones Should Be the Cornerstone of Therapy
Firhaad Ismail, MD, FACE

453 Effects of Procurement and Preservation Media on Cellular Apoptosis in Autologous Saphenous Vein Grafts
Alexander Evans, MD, MBA, Malek G. Massad, MD, Pierpaolo Sileri, MD,
Weiya Zhang, MS, Tomasz Jarzembowski, MD, Jacques Kpodonu, MD,
Alexander S. Geha, MD, MS, Enrico Benedetti, MD

464 Phase I Clinical Trial of Tamoxifen and Interferon Alpha in the
Treatment of Solid Tumors

Abdul Rahman Jazieh, MD, MPH, Mohammed Jameel Kyasa, MD,
Laura Hutchins, MD

470 The Safety of Rituximab in Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Positive Patients
Juan Pérez-Calvo, MD, Naoko Murashige, MD, Miguel-Angel Fuertes, MD,
Daisuke Kikuchi, MD, Rafael Benito, MD, Eiji Kusumi, MD,
Masahiro Kami, MD, Shuichi Taniguchi, MD

476 Hypokalemia and ST Elevation Induced by Angiotensin II Type 1
Receptor Blocker and Thiazide Diuretic Combination

Huseyin Gunduz, MD, Huseyin Arinc, MD, Ramazan Akdemir, MD,
Ali Tamer, MD, Hakan Ozhan, MD, Cihangir Uyan, MD

488 Feasibility and Safety of a Newly Designed Protocol for
Structured Trampoline Exercise in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

495 Radiation Recall Phenomenon, Manifested as Diffuse Gastritis
and Upper Gastrointestinal Bleed After Capecitabine

499 Improvement in Dermal Neural Vascular Function with
Rosiglitazone in Individuals with Type II diabetes

Jerrold Petrofsky, PhD, JD, Scott Lee, MD, Salameh Bweir, PT, MPH,
Michael Laymon, DPT, Sc , Helmuth Fritz, MD

508 Risk Factors in Patients with Occlusive Cerebrovascular Disease:
Implications for Cerebral Embolism Treatment

Y. Kurokawa, MD, PhD, E. Ishizaki, MD, PhD, K. Inaba, MD, PhD

518 Hypoallergenic Cupcake Is a Useful Product for Wheat-Sensitive
Allergic Patients

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