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Volume 4, Number 2

The Journal of Applied Research

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Letter to The Editor

186 Quality of Life and Functional Impairment in Individuals with

Nancy J. Keuthen, PhD, Darin D. Dougherty, MD, Martin E. Franklin, PhD,
Antje Bohne, PhD, Rebecca Loh, BS, Joanne Levy, BA, Amanda Beals, BA,
Melanie Matthews, BA, Thilo Deckersbach, PhD

198 Potential Uses of Modafinil in Psychiatric Disorders
Robert C. Bransfield, MD

208 Iron Chelation by Dibasic Amino Acid Prevents Glycoprotein
Insolubilities: A Strategy to Inhibit Age-Related Macular

William H. Waugh, MD

215 A Split Protocol of Cisplatinum (CDDP) Infusion in Outpatients:
Examination of Pharmacokinetics

Yoichi Kitamura, MD, Kazuhiko Hayashi, MD, Takuji Yamada, MD, Shingo
Yamashita, MD, Michiyo Yamada, MD, Kazumi Uchida, MD, Ken Takasaki, MD

222 Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography in the Evaluation
of Tumors of the Nasopharynx, Paranasal Sinuses, and Nasal Cavity

Brendan C. Stack, Jr, MD, FACS, Val J. Lowe, MD, Robert V. Lane, MD

228 Correction of Respiratory Acidosis by Continuous Renal
Replacement Therapy

David Eschelbacher, MD, Lakhmir S. Chawla, MD, Susie Q. Lew, MD

234 Two Retroperitoneal Low-Grade B-Cell Lymphoma Successfully
Treated With a Combination of Chimeric Anti-CD20 Monoclonal
Antibody and CHOP Chemotherapy

Yoichi Kitamura, MD, Kazuhiko Hayashi, MD, Kazumi Uchida, MD, Tsuyoshi
Sasagawa, MD, Hidetoshi Oguma, MD, Ken Takasaki, MD

239 Sleep-Wake Patterns in Brain Injury Patients in an Acute Inpatient
Rehabilitation Hospital Setting

David T. Burke, MD, Mrugeshkumar K. Shah, MD, Jeffrey C. Schneider, MD,
Brian Ahangar, MD, Samir-Al-Aladai, PhD

245 Test-Retest Reproducibility of the Wideband External Pulse Device
Cara A. Wasywich, FRACP, Warwick Bagg, MD, Gillian Whalley, MSc,
James Aoina, BSc, Helen Walsh, BSc, Greg Gamble, MSc, Andrew Lowe,
PhD, Nigel Sharrock, MBChB, Robert Doughty, MD

252 The Use of Maprotiline for Major Depression: A Clinical Report of
62 Cases

Shigeru Morishita, MD, PhD, Seizaburo Arita, PhD

257 Acromegaly and Colorectal Cancer
Beat R. Buehler, MD, Christoph M. Henzen, MD, Maria Teresa de Zulueta, MD,
Rudolf A. Joss, MD

261 Persistent Hyponatremia Ameliorated by Discontinuation of
Hypertonic Saline Administration

Vasudha M. Narayana, MBBS, Susie Q. Lew, MD, FACP,
Paul L. Kimmel, MD, FACP

266 Who Should Request a Breath Hydrogen Test? A Six-Year Feasibility,
Sensitivity of Clinical Suspicion and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Ding-You Li, MD, PhD, Yvonne Barnes, R.E. Thompson, PhD,
Carmen Cuffari, MD

271 Repeated Subcutaneous Administration of Dermatophagoides
Allergen Does Not Cause Immune or Non-immune Glomerular
Injury in Wistar-Albino Rats

Ipek Akil, MD, Hasan Yuksel, MD, Semin Ayhan, MD, Nalan Nese, MD,
Gulsen Giray, PhD

286 Ribavirin and Interferon-a for the Treatment of Patients with
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Associated with Persistent
Coxsackievirus B Infection: A Preliminary Observation

John K. Chia, MD, Andrew Y. Chia

293 Electrocardiographic Left Ventricular Hypertrophy, b3 Adrenergic
Receptor Polymorphism and Endpoint of ACEI Treatment of

Ke Hao, ScD, Shaojie Peng, MD, Aiqun Huang, MD, Xiumei Hong, MD,
Yan Zhang, MD, PhD, Xiaotao Zhao, MD, Houxun Xing, MD, Jianping Li,
MD, PhD, Alayne Ronnenberg, ScD, Xin Xu, MD, PhD, Tianhua Niu, ScD,
Xiping Xu, MD, PhD

302 Healing of Chronic Venous Ulcers Is Not Enhanced by the
Addition of Topical Repifermin (KGF-2) to Standardized Care

Martin C. Robson, MD, Jason Hanfnt, DPM, Warren Garner, MD, Jeffrey
Jenson, DPM, Thomas Serena, MD, Wyatt G. Payne, MD, Anthony
Sussman, MD, Adrian Barbul, MD, Markete Limova, MD, Robert Snyder,
DPM, Daniel J. Odenheimer, PhD, Diane M. Cooper, PhD,
KGF-2 Venous Ulcer Study Group

312 Nosocomial Plasmids Responsible for Multiresistance of Bacterial
Isolates at Different Wards of the Children’s University Hospital in
Bratislava, Slovakia

M. Vrábelová, K. Kollárová, D. Michálková-Papajová, PhD, J. Hanzen, MD,
P. Milosovic, MD, T. Macicková, PhD, M. Kettner, PhD

321 Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns of Community-Acquired Urinary
Tract Infection Isolates from Female Patients on the US (Texas)-
Mexico Border

Yvonne Vasquez, MPH, W. Lee Hand, MD

328 Shrinking Lung Syndrome: A Pulmonary Manifestation of Systemic
Lupus Erythematosus Diurnal Findings and Nocturnal Events

Elsa Naval, MD, Christian Domingo, MD, FCCP, Jordi Gratacós, MD,
Montserrat Bosque, MD, Manel Luján, MD, Albert Marín, MD

336 Comparison of Intravitreal Ceftazidime and Meropenem in
Treatment of Experimental Pseudomonal Posttraumatic
Endophthalmitis in a Rabbit Model

Gulten Manav Ay, MD, Sila Cetin Akhan, MD, Sidika Erturk, PhD, Esra
Sevinc Aktas, PhD, Sevgiye Kacar Ozkara, MD, Yusuf Caglar, MD

346 Effect of Electrode Size, Shape, and Placement During Electrical

Bonnie J. Forrester, DPTSc, Jerrold S. Petrofsky, PhD

355 Vascular Protection: Paradigm for the Treatment of Patients at
High Cardiovascular Risk

Piera Angelica Merlini, MD, Marino Carnovali, MD, Diego Ardissino, MD

369 Effect of a 1-Week Diet and Exercise Program on Weight and
Limb Girth

Jerrold S. Petrofsky, Ph D, JD, Julie Bonacci, Trinidad Bonilla, Rachel
Jorritsma, Amy Morris, Ashley Hanson, Ryan Somers,
Michael Laymon, DPT Sc, Jennifer Hill

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