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Volume 4, Number 1

The Journal of Applied Research

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1 Predictors to Dysphagia and Recovery After Cervical Spinal Cord Injury During Acute Rehabilitation
Susan Brady, MS, Rhonda Miserendino, MS, Donna Statkus, MHS, Teresa Springer, MS,
Mark Hakel, PhD, Vasilios Stambolis, MD

12 An Exploratory Study of Dermal Replacement Therapy in the Treatment of Stage III Pressure Ulcers
Wyatt G. Payne, MD, Terry E. Wright, MD, Diane Ochs, RN,
Rudolph J. Mannari, PA-C, Martin C. Robson, MD, The Dermagraft Pressure
Ulcer Study Group

24 Treatment Costs Associated With Commonly Used Branded Antibiotics for the Management of Acute Sinusitis, Chronic Bronchitis and Pneumonia
John J. Barron, PharmD, W. Daniel Grochulski, PhD, Sanjay Merchant, MBA, PhD,
Joshua J. Spooner, PharmD, William J. Waugh, PharmD, Karen N. Keating

37 Daily Consumption of Dried Plum by Postmenopausal Women Does Not Cause Undesirable Changes in Bowel Function
Edralin A. Lucas, PhD, Lisa J. Hammond, MS, RD, Veronica Mocanu, PhD, MD,
Andrea B. Arquitt, PhD, RD, Amanda Trolinger, MS, RD, Dania A. Khalil, PhD, RD,
Brenda J. Smith, PhD, Do Y. Soung, MS, Bruce P. Daggy, PhD,
Bahram H. Arjmandi, PhD, RD

44 Gestational Age Related Maternal-Fetal-Neonatal Humoral Immunity
Anna Petrova, MD, PhD, MPH, Nazeeh Hanna, MD, Rajeev Mehta, MD, FRCP

50 In Vitro Antibiotic Sensitivity and Resistance of 100 Clinical Bacterial Isolates Purified from Microbial Biofilms Associated with Silicone Gastrostomy Tubes Removed from Pediatric Patients
Melanie P. Dautle, PhD, Ricky L. Ulrich, PhD, Thomas A. Hughes, PhD

60 Impact of Weight Loss on Serum Leptin in Obese Postmenopausal Women
Zaida R. Cordero-MacIntyre, PhD, MPH, REHS, MS, RD, Shiva Metghalchi, MPH,
Jason Rosen, MS, Warren Peters, MD, MPH, Timothy G. Lohman, PhD,
Maria Luz Fernandez, PhD

68 Cytokine Gene Polymorphism Might Affect the Outcome of Clinical Rejection in Cardiac Transplantation
D. Olga McDaniel, PhD, D. Perrin Roten, MD, Sani Z. Yamout, MD,
Vernetta Coleman, MS, Georgio Aru, MD, Bobby Heath, MD, Tammy S. Thomas,
William W. Turner, Jr., MD, Todd F. Chatham, Joseph A. Cameron, PhD,
Charles K. Moore, MD

81 Detection of Injury-induced Changes in Gene Expression of the Glomerular Epithelial Cell-specific Marker, Wilm’s Tumor-1, by Laser Capture Microdissection
Pu Duann, MD, PhD, Hideki G. Kawanishi, MD, Eugene J. Gross, BS,
Prasun K. Datta, PhD, Elias A. Lianos, MD, PhD

90 Fasting Insulin Levels as a Measure of Insulin Resistance in American Blacks
Richard Mack, MS, DO, Blanche Skurnick, MD, PhD, Yolette Sterling-Jean, MD,
Manuela Pedra-Nobre, MD, Debra Bigg, MT (ASCP)

95 Initial Management of Parkinson’s Disease in a Florida Community
Theresa A. Zesiewicz, MD, Summer N. Carter, MSPH, Kelly L. Sullivan, MSPH,
Joseph F. Staffetti, MD, Peter B. Dunne, MD, Robert A. Hauser, MD

99 Age-related Variation in Mechanical and Sensory Function of the Human Duodenum
Chunwen Gao, MD, Jan Pedersen, MD, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, PhD, Asbjørn Mohr
Drewes, MD, PhD, Hans Gregersen, MD, PhD

111 Microarray Analysis of Altered Gene Expression in Kidneys of Adult Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats
Ja-Ryong Koo, MD, Kai Hui Liang, MD, Nosratola D Vaziri, MD

127 Intracerebral Diffusion of New Cholesterol-Based Anticancer Conjugate in Tumor-Bearing Rat Model
Fars Alanazi, PhD, David S. Halpern, D. Robert Lu, PhD

135 Serum Cystatin C Levels in Children with Nephrosis or Diabetes: A Pilot Study
Tülin Ayse Özden, PhD, Ayse Palandüz, MD, Cahide Anýl Gökkusu, PhD,
Halim Issever, PhD

141 Screening For Alcoholism: What Role For The Dentist?
E. E. Ehikhamenor, M. A. Ojo

149 Acute and Long-Term Hemodynamic Response to Home Oxygen Therapy: Nasal Prongs Versus Oxygen Saving Devices
Christian Domingo, MD, FCCP, Jordi Klamburg, MD, Jorge Roig, MD, FCCP,
Ramon Coll, MD, Jose Izquierdo, MD, Josep Morera, MD, Lluis Seres, MD,
Enric Domingo, MD, FCCP

164 Cannabis and Psychiatric Pathology: An Update
Luis Alfonso Núñez Domínguez, PhD

173 Early Postoperative Urine Flow Predicts Delayed Graft Function Irrespective of Diuretic Use
Sunil Bhandari, PhD, FRCP, David Eisinger, MD, FRACS, Josette Eris, PhD, FRACP

180 Antimicrobial and Lipopolysaccharide-Binding Activities of C-Terminal Domain of Human CAP18 Peptides to Genus Leptospira
Emiko Isogai, DVM, Michihisa Hirata, PhD, Hiroshi Isogai, DVM, Kouki Matsuo, PhD,
Satoshi Watarai, DVM, Hiroko Miura, DDS, Keiji Oguma, MD

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