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Volume 3, Number 3 Summer 2003

The Journal of Applied Research

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Complement-Dependent Shock and Tissue Damage Induced by Intravenous Injection of Cholesterol-Enriched Liposomes in Rats
Lajos Baranyi, János Szebeni, Sándor Sávay, Michael Bodo, Milan Basta, Timothy B. Bentley, Rolf Bunger, Carl R. Alving

Lymphocyte Population in Patients With Tularemia
J. L. Pérez-Castrillón, M. Martín-Luquero, P. Bachiller, J. Mena, I. Recio, A. Jimenez, M. Romero, V. Herreros

Endotracheal Tube Cuff Pressure Threshold for Prevention of Nosocomial Pneumonia
A Chendrasekhar, G. A. Timberlake

A Comparative Single-Dose Bioequivalence Study of Two Enteric Coated Aspirin Brands Among Healthy Volunteers
Abeer A. Zeitoun, Jean G. Dib, Mohammad Mroueh

Human Herpesvirus 6 in Patients With Bell’s Palsy
Souha S. Kanj, Zeina A. Kanafani, Issam Khneisser, Raja A. Sawaya, Mouin S. Abdallah, Bassem I. Yamout, Ghassan M. Matar

Is There a Correct Body Mass Assessment for Active Children: Implications for Predicting Childhood Diseases
Michael S. Laymon, Jan S. Kodat, Wendy L. Chung

The Clinical Outcome of Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia Expressing FLT3 Internal Tandem Duplication Mutations Could Be Altered by Treatment Regimen
M. Levis, B. D. Smith, E. Garrett, R. Zheng, B. R. Baldwin, M. Malehorn, L. N’Guyen, N. Bellal, J. Allebach, C. Perot, C. Civin, N.-C. Gorin, D. Small

Automated Pegboard System: Reliability and Validity of a New Tool
Everett B. Lohman, Eric G. Johnson, Aaron M. Miguel, Tim K. Cordett, Danny Kang

How to Evaluate a Rise in Serum Lactate Levels in HIV-Infected Patients Undergoing
Antiretroviral Therapy: Data From a Prospective, Case-Control Survey

Roberto Manfredi, Leonardo Calza, Francesco Chiodo

Improvement in Autonomic Function with Rosiglitazone in Type 2 Diabetes
Jerrold Petrofsky, Scott Lee, Salameh Bweir, Michael Laymon

Continuous-Dose Furosemide Attenuates TNF Levels in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
Christopher Reising, A. Chendrasekhar, Edward Burt, P. L. Wall

The Use of Angiogenic Cytokines to Reduce Fat Necrosis in Experimental Tram Flaps
Abdel-naser M. Khallaf, Paul D. Smith, Wyatt G. Payne, Theodore J. Strickland, Francis Ko, Martin C. Robson

A Reliable Experimental Model of Fat Necrosis Occurring in Pedicled Flaps Using the fa/fa Zucker Rat
Abdel-nasser M. Khallaf, Paul D. Smith, Wyatt G. Payne, Theodore J. Strickland, Francis Ko, M. C. Robson

Bes-1 DNA Fragment Encoding Streptococcal Antigen in Skin Lesions From Patients With Behçet’s Disease
Michiko Tojo, Hirokatsu Yanagihori, Xueyi Zheng, Noritaka Oyama, Emiko Isogai, Koichi Kimura, Koichiro Nakamura, Fumio Kaneko

Transmucosal Permeation of Topically Applied Diclofenac and Piroxicam
Pieter van der Bijl, Armorel D. van Eyk, Heiner I. Seifart, Ianda Viljoen, Marli Jooste

Arthroscopically Guided Jamshidi Needle Biopsy of Articular Cartilage: Potential Utility in the Evaluation of Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis Drugs (DMOADS)
Nathan Wei, Lanny L. Johnson, B. Lynn Seely, Sheila K. Delauter

Medication Compliance Research: Still So Far to Go
Albert I. Wertheimer, Thomas M. Santella

Risk of Diabetes for Individuals with Schizophrenia Treated with Antipsychotics
Zhongyun Zhao, Sandra L. Tunis, Danielle L. Loosbrock

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