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Volume 2, Number 3 Fall 2002

The Journal of Applied Research

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Immunohistochemical Evaluation of Regional Lymph
Nodes in Stage I and II Colorectal Cancer:
Comparison Between Patients With and Without Recurrence

Juan C. Paramo, Mark Landeros, Christopher I. Wilson, Robert J. Poppiti,
and Thomas W. Mesko

A Single Determination of a Urinary Biochemical Marker
of Bone Turnover for Detecting Bone Density in the Hip
Alfred K Pfister, Shelda Martin, Chris Welch, and Paul D Saville

Absent P53 Protein in Colorectal Tumor Cells Reflects
Poor Survival

Kumudini U. Mehta, Michael A. Goldfarb, and Louis J. Zinterhofer

Antibiotic and Pentoxifylline Inhibition of Antimicrobial
Pathways in Human Leukocytes:
Considerations for the TreatmentPolymorphonuclear Severe Infection
W. Lee Hand, Neva L. Thompson, and Debraof L. Hand

Antibody Cross Reactivity From Sera of Patients With
Behçet’s Disease With Synthetic Peptides That Have
Homologies With Proteins From Streptococcus sanguis
Emiko Isogai, Hiroshi Isogai, Satoshi Kotake, Shigeaki Ohno, Mami
Ishihara, Koki Aoki, Michiko Tojo, Fumio Kaneko, Kennji Yokota,
and Keiji Oguma, MD

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