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Volume 2, Number 1 Winter 2002

The Journal of Applied Research

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Evaluation of Two Loading-Dose Regimens of Morphelan™ Healthy Volunteers
Lise Eliot, Allen Cato III, Rita Geiser, and Gordon Loewen

Influence of Single and Sequential Cytokine Therapy on the Cell
Cycle of Pressure Ulcer Fibroblasts

Jerry S. Vande Berg, Paul D. Smith, Patricia L. Haywood-Reid, Alivia B.
Munson, Nicole R. Bradley, and Martin C. Robson

Antigenic Responses to Bovine Thrombin Exposure During Surgery:
A Prospective Study of 309 Patients

Neil Winterbottom, Jacqueline M. Kuo, Khanh Nguyen, Cary J. Reich,
Kristen J. Trent, Joseph F. Rondinone, and Narinder S. Shargill

Psychosocial Assessment of Youthful Victims of Interpersonal

Leslie S. Zun and Jodi Rosen

The Use of Discriminant Analysis to Separate a Study Population
by Treatment Subgroups in a Clinical Trial with a New
Pentapeptide Antidepressant

John P.Feighner and Lev Sverdlov

Computational Chemistry Studies on a New Class of Peptide

Joseph J. Hlavka

Out-Sourcing Medical Care: What Clinicians Choose Does Matter
Byron C. Calhoun and Roderick F. Hume

Heat-Enhanced Transdermal Drug Delivery: A Survey Paper
Wade Hull


A Model for Angiogenesis in HPV-Mediated Cervical Neoplasia
Janice Matthews-Greer, Arrigo DeBenedetti, Angela Tucker, Susanna
Dempsey, Destin Black, and Elba Turbat-Herrera

Design and Development of Topical Microemulsion for Poorly
Water-Soluble Antifungal Agents

P. Puranajoti, R. T. Patil, P.D.Sheth, G. Bommareddy, P. Dondeti, and K.

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